How can food Processor helps in Summer Drinks and Shakes

Food processors have become very popular throughout the world; are available in almost every kitchen. The main reason for there success is that, they can do a lot of kitchen work from dicing to shredding meat, mixing to grinding ice. Today we will learn to make some of the traditional drinks with best food processor fast that will surely help you in the hot summer day.

Mixed Berries Milkshake:

Milkshakes are traditional summer afternoon drinks that everyone just loves whether a child or an adult. You can serve them in a party or to the children when they return from their schools. They are healthy and tasty drinks. For this recipe, you will need a vanilla ice cream, couple of berries (strawberry, blueberry, cranberry etc) and milk, you can add honey if you want it to be more sweet. Place all of them in the food processor and liquidize for about two to three minutes or until smoothness. For milkshakes, you can also use the canned berries they will taste the same.


Here we are talking about original pure lemon dink, no other added flavors or carbonated water etc.
For this recipe, you will need a powdered sugar according to your taste, two unwaxed lemon, and five hundred milliliters of water and ice cubes. Add all them in a food processor and liquidize until a paste is form. To give this lemonade a fuzziness add sparkling water.

Sweet Lassi:

A refreshing drink enhances the taste of curry if accompanied by a laasi. In many parts of the world, it is dink along with the breakfast. To prepare a traditional lassi you will need yogurt five hundred grams, full fat milk five hundred grams, three-tablespoon sugar and a pinch of salt and one-tablespoon vanilla extract (optional). Place all the ingredients in the food processor and than form a smooth paste. I would prefer that you add honey instead of sugar for a better taste; you can also add different fruits for example pineapples, mango, peaches etc. Try to be more creative.

Nutty Banana Boost:

Its is very delicious and healthy drink that children will love, to prepare this you will need; a half a liter of chilled hazelnut-flavored yogurt, one quarter liter of milk, three chopped dry sweetened peaches and two peeled bananas.

Now with the help of food processor, grinds the peaches and then add the remaining ingredients and blend them well. Once they are ready, toss a little bit of hazelnut on the top and serve them right away. If you have difficulty in finding hazelnut-flavored yogurt, you can use a plain yogurt and add then grind the hazelnut with the help of food processor. There you go; you have your fresh nutty banana boost that will provide you with instant energy.

These were some of the recipes that can be prepared from the food processor. Food processor is very useful kitchen appliance because it will help you in almost every food preparation, saving your time and effort. I hope that you will try the above recipes.

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